About OBC

For everyone looking for a place for business, study, or activities
Comfortable space and Support

OBC (Ota Business Community Center) provide rental offices that create new business opportunities and accelerate business growth equipped with rental meeting rooms and working spaces. We offer a comfortable space and comprehensive services.


Remote worker


Self study

Sole proprietorship

Local community group



Strengths of OBC


  • 1. Good location

    Only 3minutes walking from JR Kamata station It is very convenient for you and for your customer

  • 2. Various rental spaces

    2 meeting rooms and office space are equiped for various purposes.

  • 3. Fulfilled facilities and services

    Services For meeting: White board, projector, screen, speaker, etc.
    For office work: Copy machine, Desk, private post, special dicount for meeting room

  • 4. Flexible pricing plans

    Flexible pricing offers for your purpose and using

  • 5. Business support

    Business support about start-up, subsidies, consultation.

Company Profile

Operating companyEast Engineering LLC
Corporate numberT4010803002601
Address3・4・5F, Mimatsu Buiding, 8-24-1 Nishikamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo,144-0051,Japan
ContactTEL:+81-(0)3-6424-9146(OBC direct)
FAX:+81-(0)3-6424-9147(OBC direct)
Established14th February 2018
Capital 1 million yen
CEOHisaaki Watanabe
Business details1. Production technology consulting (Kaizen, quality improvement, cost reduction)
2. Mechanical design, technical calculations, technical specification 
    creation/translation, meetings, etc.
3. Rental office/rental meeting room management
4. Business consultation and revitalization